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LEGALIDADE NA INTERNET: Não permita que lhes roubem... R$ 229,00 por uma c...

Funny how that works isn't it. And the difference is, Clinton did it for votes. Trump means it.

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I'm a Cruz supporter but if he doesn't get the nomination I will back Trump 100%. Both Hillary and Bernie would be worse than Obama.

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Jessie Jackson on Twitter: ""

VOTE TRUMP today! It is YOUR VOTE that decided the fate of our great nation.

Trump is DELUSIONAL!! It saddens me that there are ANY Americans that believe this delusional, hateful being is Presidential Material.

Please put that woman where she belongs. Everything she is she always says it is what Trump and Republicans are. Oh Hillary, Hillary. You so crazy!! not as stupid as you think we are.

He's taking the hits for us. Stand and show your support for him. Vote Trump for President!

I'm not saying Trump is perfect, but he genuinely loves America and is far better than Hillary!