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Just stumbled across this cool page for Susan Dolan

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My fiance is such a good sport! He got the trifecta of fun with me - chronic illness, major depressive disorder, and clinical anxiety. I'm a real barrel of fun!

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Hilarious Memes That Sum Up All Our Feelings About Beauty

23 Hilarious Memes That Sum Up All Our Feelings About Beauty

Funny Cat Photo: Here, Kitty, Kitty ??? Maybe not right now...

Well I think so. I think I'm a pretty fucking lovely person. But tomorrow tomorrow I might be a nightmare due to lack of sleep and too many doctors appointments. Don't say I didn't warn you. cue angry rap music by browneyes.thickthighs

The only reason Doyle was interested in him was for his rank & appointment, EVERYONE has pointed that out; anything with bars and the higher up, the better. Had he been a mere Corporal like her, she wouldn't have bothered. Her narcissism drew her to associate only with 'special people', his narcissism permitted him to care not that this very shallow attribute was all she was interested in. People like that deserve each other, they'll never know true intimacy or anything actually genuine

#eyebrows #browart #brow_bird Brow Bird is a private practice & appointment only (no receptionist) -login to your acct (use email address) to see appts / cancel / wait list etc it's all SELF DRIVEN online at Same day appt requires more than 2 hr notice. (ALL booking, canceling, wait list, scheduling is done through the website) #bigbrowfuture #eastaustinbrowwax #techsavvy