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"I use "the other day" a lot and that can mean anything from yesterday to the day of my birth "

Me:*frantically looks left and right then squints* how does this even happen?¿?¿?

emegustart: “ whatever i do, i do it to protect you. twitter | facebook | deviantart ”

"Pain is not a competition. Just because someone, somewhere may have had worse in their life, it doesn't excuse or erase your pain."

Everything inside me will break

Make the book sum up. And then on the last page kill the most lovable character by the main protagonist and the protagonist likes it.

honestly. LOL. Spongebob. When you're anti social so nohing happens to you!!

Turtles Turn Up | 2016 Expectations vs Reality

"My ideal relationship: supportive, warm, like home, I spend the most time with, reliable, constant, comfortable, where I run when sad and happy.... I just described my bed"