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A Jurubeba Cultural: ● Gente ... do planeta.

Lega mask (Bwami, Lukungu), ivory - The masks refer to ancestors and are passed from one generation of initiates to the next as symbols of continuity. For the Lega, physical beauty and moral excellence are inseparable. The dotted-circle motifs on many Lega works represent body markings, which enhance both the carvings and the characters they depict. The smooth polished surfaces of these sculptures allude to the refined and perfected nature of the Bwami initiate.

Vessel | 17th–18th century | Nigeria Culture: Yoruba peoples, Owo group | Medium: Ivory, wood or coconut shell inlay

Pwo mask Chokwe peoples Angola 1820 National museum of african art, Washington exhibition heroic africans - metropolitain museum of art

illustration boite allumettes

Une cartographie de l’informe | Tarogramme

Kerel by Lutfi Johari, via Flickr

Africa | Stripwoven blanket "Khasa" from the Fulani people of Mali | 20th century | Wool

Mayan Relief; idea for a relief art lesson?!

fab stone serpent carving, celtic Plus

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