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Explora 2013 07, Corporal e outros!

Top 10 Superfoods for Exceptional Health Published by NutriBullet on Tue, 2013-07-30 16:39 Superfoods are incredibly nutritious for our bodies, but do you know which can reap the best benefits? This infographic lays it all out and lets you know which superfoods are best for heart health, weight loss, energy, immune function, and more.

“To see and appreciate the Soul of others is a higher state of awareness. To see only their outer characteristics provides a limited and incomplete perspective. Their current personality, just like their current physical body, is a temporary manifestation. They have had many bodies and many personalities but only one enduring Soul, only one continuous spiritual essence. See this essence and you will see the real person.” ~ Dr. Brian L. Weiss

Skagen is the northernmost point of Denmark, where the Baltic and North Seas meet. The two opposing tides in this place can not merge because they have different densities.

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Animal bodies / human heads! See more of this forced perspective project at…

What is Shiatsu?

Foods for the Heart in Chinese Medicine | #acupuncture #tcm #nutrition

Anti Inflammatory Food Pyramid

Anti inflammatory diet for people with autoimmune disorders, (aka Lupus)

Chocolate Shakeology recipes: LOVE this stuff! Drink it every day.