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na água selvagem photo by christian schlamann

thelovelyseas: “ Defense mode on by Alex Postigo ”

Para que título?!?!

almost sharks - spotted sting rays

Contact... Christian Schlamann / Whale shark, Underwater, Diving

Very rare PINK shark...and yes, it's real! PINK, PINK, YOU STINK! ROFLMAO. Very beautiful/awesome!!!

“ Sim, eu me faço de forte, mas já chorei no meu quarto, em silêncio, a porta fechada, travesseiro no rosto, chorei por dentro, sofri. Mas sabe o que tudo isso resultou; nada, é preciso aprender a crescer, viver, ser ‘gente grande’ e enfrentar os...

♥ The Sea of Cortez, to swim with Humpbacks, Mantas and Sharks More

Photograph by @paulnicklen // It was a surreal moment to be lying motionless in the sea while a huge male orca worked hard to drive a ball of herring towards the surface. The orcas use the surface as a natural barrier to corral the fish. Check out the whole story in the July edition of National Geographic Magazine @natgeo and please #follow me on @paulnicklen to see my favorite orca pictures from this incredible experience. With @cristinamittermeier @sea_legacy @natgeocreative…

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