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Tyler Seguin – Jogador de Hockey Fotos: Martin Schoeller

are you fucking kidding me? oh look! another white man pissing on equality movements that aren't for him BECAUSE HE'S ALREADY AT THE TOP BUT HE THINKS HE'S BEING DISCRIMINATED AGAINST! Water is rushing uphill! someone save the white men!

Supernatural ~ Dean - throughout my life I've always been afraid of losing the people I love so much But then. . . Sometimes I wonder is there anyone out there who's afraid of losing me?


Whatdoyousay on

I'm probably the top iris color, and the best person in the world (soul mate) has the very bottom iris color. Beautiful. Crystal. Blue. ❤️

I hate his gf but .....let's except this sour truth

I don't know how true this is, but I don't stare into my own eyes, so...

Ever wonder what's up with Benedict Cumberbatch's eye colour?

I can't. I just. No. Yes. Oh my gosh. <<<< I always wondered why every one else likes him so much lol ;) <<<<he is the master of meting hearts