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Abandoned German church being overtaken by growth. by itsabandoned

Abandoned church in France. Photo by El Vagus. by itsabandoned

Abandoned house in the Florida Keys by itsabandoned

Hall of mirrors. An abandoned building in California that experienced flooding creating a surreal mirror image. Photo by Ed Roppo. by itsabandoned

Abandoned Ouerbacker Mansion in Louisville Kentucky. Photo by @photomoephotos. by itsabandoned

Beautiful shot of an abandoned mansion in New Orleans. Photo by @frankrelle. by itsabandoned

An abandoned rustic house. Photo by @kdkuiper by itsabandoned

A storm approaches an old abandoned farm home with a curiously manicured lawn in Ontario | Photo by @restless.skies by itsabandoned

Abandoned village homes in Hungary shrouded in fog. Photo by Gabor Dvornik. by itsabandoned

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