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Vintage Spirograph game 1968 No. 401 Canadian edition

Tive um idêntico, oferecido pelo meu pai, que infelizmente não guardei. Passei hora e horas a desenhar constelações incriveis. Vou procurar na Amazon já

Aquaplay Argolinhas


Perfect Strangers - Loved this show!!

This is a huge classic game from the past! I guess every kid had one! I had one in my time, back in the 70s........ It was a fun game, where you would throw the sticks on the floor or table and then players would take turns in removing one stick at a time without moving the other sticks! If you failed you would loose! The winner was the last player standing! Fun, fun, fun!!!

Land of the Giants (1968-70, ABC) haha

Tomagatchi. A digital pet.

The Best Classes


The Original Hunger Games!