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Im world building (this picture is perfect for my sorceress Taerah and I didn't even realize it)

love-roses-are-red: A heart can only take so much pain, and although it won’t shut down, it will begin to shut out.


Historically Ornate Portraits : Madonnas by Katarzyna Widmanska

Madonnas by Katarzyna Widmanska


In Etruscan mythology, Leinth is the Goddess of Death, whose name means "Old Age" or "Old Woman". In art, she was portrayed with the face veiled. Leinth's name is related to many gloomy words in Etruscan, such as leine, "to die"; leinie, "dead" or "inert"; another more literal meaning of Her name is "She Who Stops". Despite Her name She is depicted as a young Goddess.

we have to do something about that top but this is beautiful with the black gown. the top is a bit too couture for me

religious fashion editorials..divine.*


98 Religiously Inspired Fashions

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