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Photo taken by @sazyou_7 on Instagram, pinned via the InstaPin iOS App! (12/03/2014)

The Earthy

i loved the clow cards, i thought each of them were so beautiful. wanted my own book of clow so bad!

how to make the clow book from cardcaptor sakura

how to make the clow book from cardcaptor sakura

Powers: One of the element cards; it can create large gusts of wind, and bind things with wind Captured in: Episode1: Sakura and the Mysterious Magic Book How it was captured: Sakura didn't actually catch Windy. When Sakura first opened the seal on the book, Windy was the first card on top. When Sakura picked it up and said its name, Windy created a huge gust of wind that scattered the rest of the cards throughout Tomoeda.

Anime 56 Piece Cardcaptor Sakura Cards Set With Gold Clow Book New in Box

Book of Clow Project : Photo The Flower. It's so pretty

CLAMP - Card Captor Sakura 【Clow's Book Cover】

Cardcaptor Sakura 'Book of Clow' Painted Journal/Sketchbook

Cardcaptor Sakura 'Book of Clow' Painted Journal/Sketchbook. $45.50, via Etsy.

CardCaptor Sakura ~~ His name is "Keroberos" which is apparently Japanese for Cerberus, aka the three-headed hound of hell.

Magic circles of Card Captor Sakura; first one is li clan and the third is sakura's, I can't remember the rest.... 2 or 4 is Clow/Errol and I think the last is Yuko...