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Captured Inside IMVU - Join the Fun!

Inspire me. by ~gretlusky on deviantART

O.o >>> I'd like to thank my sister for showing me this... wow.

Jimin gif.. I swear he has the cutest laugh XD

Sleepy Team. Snorlax, lapras, pikachu, squirtle, bulbasaur, charmander. Pokemon.

*Sighs* Just don't do Anything Dum Robin. Him: a-huh Yeah Ok. Later on...: RAVEN!!!! I USED IT!!!! Me: WHAT???!!! Him: IT WENT WRONG!!! *Goes to Room and sees it is gone* ME: WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!??! Him: You let me make it!!! Me: *Sighs then picks him up* Looks like your sleeping in my room Tonight...Him: No. It is.....Dark........I will sleep in the living room. Me: Ok.

Me: Robin, stop beating up poor BB, Robin: Awww, Why?!? Me: Because, your hurting him.