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“And yet more mandala action. #mandala #sacredgeometry #tattoo #art #drawing #blackworks #blackwork #lines #dots #book #sigil #signs #symbols #seals…”

“I am hidden from those who would seek to harm me”This sigil can be used to help protect yourself from either mundane or magical methods of attack, directed at you by humans or spirits. This acts as a boost to other protection methods such as...

de A Modern Traditional Witch

A Power Sigil for Our Times

a sigil crafted to aid us in our work, to protect and guide us in the years to come.


Native American Pictographs

Native American "Pictographs" (I do not condone the use of pictograph but apparently Bing does so now we here,)

hydrogen element | ... was doing a better job at measuring the relative masses of elements

Far East Symbols! Tranquility was my first tattoo. MJ

Far East Symbols! Tranquility was my first tattoo. MJ

Compendium Of Demonology and Magic (ca. 1775) | The Public Domain Review

History Of Nsibidi The Ancient Igbo Alphabets Britain Destroyed Ibo Civilization - Culture - Nigeria

Art Crush: Andreas Preis - Signs of the Zodiac - Art Crush

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Additional Glyphs

Outros,Escritas,Imagens,Desenhos,Símbolos Antigos,Símbolos Pagãos,Símbolos Irlandeses,Símbolos Glifos,Símbolos Celtas E Significados