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Drop by the @hypebeaststore to shop @olloclip's all-new Active Lens for the iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus with precision-coated ground glass optics for superior clarity. Now available in black and accompanied by 3 wearable pendants, a Telephoto lens with 2x optical zoom, and an Ultra-Wide lens.

Head to the #hypebeaststore to check out @miir's 800ml Korean medical grade, blue stainless steel “Slate” bottle with single-walled design.


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retaW x Fragment White ALLEN Fragrance Car Tag Founded by Hiroshi Fujiwara and Murakami, retaW offers up unique fragrances made in Japan with Japanese products and available across a line of personal care products and home goods. Collaboration with fragment design. Scented car tag with custom graphic print and Allen (lily) fragrance. Available now in black or white.

S'well Bottles 2015 Spring/Summer Arrivals

Obstructures Stainless Steel Pry/Open Pocket Tool

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I like the ring, too

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