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Isso é muuuuuuuito eu!

I'm normally not one who forgives and forgets, but there are people who will always be allowed back in with a TRUE, sincere apology.

uma das partes mais difíceis da vida é decidir se a ir embora ou se esforçar mais.

So true that it hurts! Get past my barrier and I am yours forever!

I hope I am all of these things to you Baby!! I do want the very best for YOU!! I am so crazy about YOU & would do anything for YOU!!! I hope I haven't driven U crazy today but U are constantly on my mind & I want U to know that wherever U are, YOU are so close to me!! I LOVE YOU...I simply totally Love YOU!!!!! Omigosh I Miss YOU!!!!!!***

~Virgo~ This may be true but its usually because I hold it in until I blow, which is why it can be venomous


"Só porque eu não reajo, Não significa que eu não tenha notado"

This can be true, but depends on what the situation is.