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Phone Screensaver Rick and Morty!

Quirky & Cute Matchbox-Cards Help You Profess Your Love & Feelings Inspired by greeting cards gift boxes and all things miniature these tiny cards are handmade from real matchboxes at the Brooklyn-based boutique shop3xu. Along with the quirky and funny puns the element of surprise and love reign high in these small vessels. Each box contains a hidden message which is directly tied to the cover. As an alternative to traditional greeting cards the ingenious creations feel more intimate…

ATIVIDADE EDUCATIVA – RECICLAGEM COM PET PARA CRIANÇAS #reciclagem #pet #crianças http://www.revistaartesanato.com.br/reciclagem/atividade-educativa-reciclagem-com-pet-para-criancas/09

Arts and Crafts Ceramic Mug (via Mary Engelbreit • https://www.pinterest.com/pin/11047961557706928/ )

Fun Crafts To Do With A Hot Glue Gun | Best Hot Glue Gun Crafts, DIY Projects and Arts and Crafts Ideas Using Glue Gun Sticks | Prevent glasses falling off your face with hot glue | http://diyjoy.com/hot-glue-gun-crafts-ideas

<p>Structure is a forthcoming exhibition for Milan Design Week showcasing contemporary Norwegian craft and design. The exhibition, curated by Kråkvik & D’Orazio and Hanna Nova Beatrice, will take

Wearable Objet D'Art : handbags and jewelry in alternative materials | Kathleen Dustin

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Easy Crafts for Kids -- Quick Arts and Craft Ideas -- Kids' Crafts -- for everyone the day we leave for Disney! -- 3 more years. Let the countdown begin.

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