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Explora 12, Canetas e outros!

Day 12: "Ideas Need Pruning." A Drawing a Day Project. #drawingaday #moleskine #pen #journaldrawing #drawing

THE GRINCH (Day 4) ~ 12 Days of Christmas Family Fun

Or so she says…:THE GRINCH (Day 4) ~ 12 Days of Christmas Family Fun - Or so she says...

Students use graph paper to create art. This is a great project for students who finish art assignments early or for those days you have a sub. Pictures using the spaces.

Day ten of the 12 days of 3zs project introduced a new original Zentangle tangle "Drawings". It has been published during the ZenAgain Meet...

26.05.16 {36/100 days of productivity} I have a two hour math course tomorrow at 12. Yay me. I’m thinking of starting a new layout for my bullet journal for next month…any recommendations? More

Am thinking of doing this as a last day of school craft. The scenes the kids come up with will be great - pretty sure I'll see some Star Wars Christmas scenes, hah.

Different Birdies doodled almost from the same shape.

another 30 day drawing challenge---sorry i pin alot of these!

techniques for charcoal- use this as reading & practicing as (a flipped classroom) and review the next day in the bell ringer

Drawing challenge--I really like this one!!! I'd like to try it as a writing…