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Explora Poro Aberto, Mad Professor e outros!

Faïence #ireplace Mantel TALLIN by Piazzetta #interiors #fireplace

Dan Mask | The Dan group is a tribe of the Dan-Nguere. They live in west Liberia, Guinea Conakry and west Ivory Coast. The social and spiritual base of the Dan-Nguere is the secret society Poro, that means "sierra". | Female Dan masks are known by the importance given to the face: egg-shaped, oval forehead, long and narrow eyes, thin nose and half-opened mouth, whereas the male mask are more unrealistic and sometimes include animal features

COLLECTOR storage units. design Edward BArber & Jay Osgerby Sides and top in transparent extralight glass. The sides are curved to fit the shape of the top, to which they are attached. The bases are in solid open pore black lacquered ash. Doors available also in a silvered version. #barberandosgerby #salonedelmobile2016 #mdw2016

#Fireplace Mantel MARVIK by Piazzetta #interiors

How to Get Rid of a Belly Pouch From a C-Section

Exercises To Lose The Pouch After A C-section | LIVESTRONG.COM

Mixing and Using Glazes. tips like Wetting overly porous bisque will reduce the porosity and help in getting an even glaze application. If bisque is not porous enough due to over firing or if additional glaze needs to be added to an already glazed and fired piece, heating the piece in the oven or on top of the kiln before applying the glaze may help by opening the pores.

Maggie Beer says "A love of food oozes from Charlotte's every pore in this wonderful book. Her recipes and ideas come with great practical advice but even better, her warmth and emotional honesty reflect the generosity of food and continually made me smile (sometimes with nudging tears). So many tidbits shared, so many 'aha' moments and things I needed to know!'"

#ORGANIC #SWD #GREEN2STAY Kamalaya Koh Samui Refresh your body with the use of the Steam Cavern. Ideal before a massage or body treatment to open the pores, stimulate and cleanse the skin, clear the lungs, promote circulation and relax the body. The Steam Cavern combines the elements of Fire and Water with the use of aromatic herbs to further awaken the senses.

According to Chinese medical science, Guardian Qi is Yang Qi and therefore represents the “Fire” of the body. Its quick and ubiquitous circulation keeps the fire going in the body and controls the loss of body heat. Guardian Qi is also inextricably linked with the fluids that flow outside the channels, in the skin and flesh. Consequently, through the breathing Guardian Qi is responsible for the opening and the closing of the pores, and also controls the sweat. Dr. Yang