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Explora Solitalo Amados, Corpo e outros!

The Solstice Birth ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness

We are transforming to our multidimensional capabilities in both time and location as we shift dimensions and evolve to a new Divine humanity on Earth. May we continue to heal and integrate to the higher frequencies as we move from linear 3D time to 4D synchronic time, and then into 5D multidimensional time

Risk more than is required. Learn more than is normal. Show courage. Breathe. Excel. Love. Lead. Speak your truth. Live your values. Laugh. Cry. Innovate. Simplify. Adore Mastery. Release and Renew. Aim for genius. Stay humble. Be kinder than expected. Deliver more than is needed. Exude passion. Shatter your limits. Transcend your fears. Inspire others by your bigness, your immensity. Dream big but start small. Act now. Don't stop. Change the world --R. Sharma (art;m.hoffman)

You are the universe expressing itself as a human for a little while. -Eckhart Tolle

In always being grounded and centered within your heart space, you are continuing to elevate the Love for all on this Planet. In Oneness we thrive. <3 -Mary Long-

Reiki works whether you believe it will or not. Reiki has no dogma to believe. It is compatible with all religious faiths and paths. Once again, the energy is not the practitioner’s own, but the Universal Life Energy passing through the practitioner on its way to the client. As it passes through, it works on the practitioner, imparting benefits similar to those the client receives.❤️☀️

Recognize that you are a spiritual being who is part of a large cosmic familly of spiritual beings. You have the power, strength, and talent to fulfill your own individual earthly destiny. ♥ -James Van Praagh

Neuroscientists have discovered that when you ask the brain to meditate, it gets better not just at meditating, but at a wide range of self-control skills, including attention, focus, stress management, impulse control, and self-awareness.

At one time or another, you have sensed someone’s aura. This is often referred to as the “vibes,” or vibrations you get from a person.  Aura sensing is demonstrated in children between the ages of …