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River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves in My Own Private Idaho (1991)

Churro cupcakes w/ cream cheese frosting

Churro cupcakes w/ cream cheese frosting I Heart Nap Time | I Heart Nap Time - How to Crafts, Tutorials, DIY, Homemaker

The hands of a drummer who beat my heart and destroyed it over and over with his promise of coming back before his ripped it to shreds.~Em♥

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Adding String Patio Lights To the Pergola! The best prices I found on good black wire hanging industrial looking patio lights. I researched for a LONG time! Commercial quality for not a ton of money. Adds so much character to your backyard landscape! Summer trellis/porch landscape

What If? 22 Crazy Hypothetical Questions (and their Answers)

If you were to take a step into a small black hole, your body would most closely resemble toothpaste being extruded out of the tube. Tidal forces are so strong at a black hole's threshold (called the "event horizon") that they would stretch your body into a string of atoms as you fell into the abyss. But if you fell into a somewhat larger black hole with less extreme tides, you could maintain your internal structure. Einstein's theory of time dilation suggests that if you looked forward…

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Bahçeşehir University’s think-tank Betam, conveniently located in the heart of my beloved Black Eagles’ home, right next to the Beşiktaş ferries, released a very timely research note right before the Children’s Day on April 23

13 Storage Ideas for Small Bathroom and Organization Tips | Home ...