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Explora Morrer Cedo, Viver e outros!

“Viver depressa, morrer cedo”: o que diz a ciência?

Contando as estrelas

Andromeda Galaxy - Largest Galaxy of the Local Group (Andromeda, Milky Way, Triangulum, 30 + other smaller galaxies).

INFOGRAPHIC: Seriously, Lack Of Sleep Is Killing You

The importance of sleep to health. 7 to 9 hours is crucial for adults; sleep deprivation can cause weight gain, physical and mental disorders and even early death.

Fotos do século passado recebem coloração e o resultado vai te surpreender

Albert Einstein em uma praia de Long Island em 1939

A huge eruptive prominence is seen moving out from out Sun in this condensed half-hour time-lapse sequence. Ten 'Earths' could easily fit into the "claw" of the prominence. What is interesting is that the twisted figure eight shape indicates that a complex magnetic field threads through the emerging solar particles. This sequence was taken early this year (2013) by the Sun-orbiting SOHO satellite. Image credit: SOHO Consortium, EIT, ESA, NASA. Text: APOD.

The Most Harmful Medical Intervention Is Done to All of Us - Gaia Health

This Daily Snack Will Lower Your Risk of Early Death — From Most Deadly Diseases

It cuts your risk of dying from cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, respiratory illness, and neurodegenerative diseases — essentially all the major causes of death.

OMS: A nova orientação de controle da malária para a Guiné, Serra Leoa e Libéria, inclui o fornecimento de tratamento da malária para todos os pacientes com febre - mesmo se eles foram testados para a malária - e dar drogas anti-malária a todos em áreas fortemente afectados pelo vírus Ebola, onde a transmissão da malária é alta.

Jonckheere 900 or J 900, a planetary nebula — glowing shells of ionised gas pushed out by a dying star. Discovered in the early 1900s by astronomer Robert Jonckheere, the dusty nebula is small but fairly bright, with a relatively evenly spread central region surrounded by soft wispy edges. Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA Acknowledgement: Josh Barrington