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Explaining Fandom

ATTENTION: I HAVE SUCESSFULLY DESCRIPED FANDOM STUFF, SHIPPING OTPs.CLICK ON PICTURE TO READ It is a page on my blog that describes fandom to normal people.

"my scans"

Haikyuu!! in Japan - Okinawa

Oh I'd love to....*pulls out a 500 page essay of how amazing he is* XD

Scotland. I really like that pic.<<< i can imagine England fighting with him and ranting about how he's a terrible person and calls him names and ALL his former colonies go "*GASP* HOW CAN YOU SAY THST ABOUT UNCLE SCOTLAND! *giant rant and jumnle of how great they think he is as Scotland smirks like a champ*

today is all about Ben :3 teenage Ben before bed

A little experiment at scene building with these weirdos :] The lighting didn't turn out how I wanted it, but I learned a lot about backgrounds!

DIY Swimming Pool Using... Hay Bales?

cool sandwiches

Princes with daddy issues. Loki and Zuko. By LessienMoonstar on DeviantArt