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This is how I feel right now. In the middle. #BritneySpears #ParisHilton

This is how I feel right now but I don't want to tell my best friend because I feel like my problems don't matter compared to her problems.

Please somebody help me.I just hate myself so much right know. I NEVER think about suicide, but right know it looks bitter sweet.

Beau Taplin | The Middle Hours. This is how I feel right now, lying on my new sheets without you

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Emma Alexander on

I have always felt safe when I'm around Ryan <3:-) like he would protect me from all the things that make me scared && worried in the world. But he also does make me feel giddy... Is it bad to feel both?<3:-)

This is how I feel right now. I'm in Dallas and he's in Cleveland. I'd do anything to be with him right now.

This is how i feel right now, toward someone who treats someone who treats them like dirt better than those who are there for them the most. U can have them...have fun with that...

This is so true. He might have a ring on her finger but its because hes scarred to lose. Not her but to lose himself again. He needs to anchor to someome else to believe he is doing better when in actuality hes right where hes always been. He will hurt her, cheat on her, abuse he with words, make her feel safe then make her feel unsure all i the same breath all without understanding of why. He is a narcissistic man. Be careful young 25 L.A. he will reoeat his patterns as he is already

Baa ha ha ha ha... I would apologize for the profanity, but it's how I feel at the moment.