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Explora Uniforme Originais, Filme Que S e outros!

I liked his original uniform the best, from the first movie! It's like a mix of soldier and superhero!

Vivemos numa época de uniformes fabulosos de super-heróis dos quadrinhos. A ascensão da cultura do cosplay, a emergência de artistas de quadrinhos que entendem de moda, a diversificação de formas d…

"Oh, man, I am so fired." (Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

Will Jean Grey Return to the Marvel Universe After "AvX?" - Comic Book Resources

Original X-Men; Angel, Beast, Iceman, Marvel Girl and Cyclops.

Captain America ♥ he is the best but I think I like the red,white,and blue a little better...o well he's still amazingly awesome

Illyana demanded the New Mutants go with her to Kitty and Doug's rescue, which they did by bus. (At the bus station in New York City, Sunspot and Wolfsbane go to the observation deck as if in a trance, staring at the church where they met Cloak and Dagger the previous Summer.) Illyana did not have her own New Mutants uniform, but wore Kitty's original one for the mission. The night of the rescue attempt they fought in pairs against the White Queen's teenage mutant team, The Hellions.

Robins Association by ~baveyoon. Jason Todd, Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, and Damian Wayne.

Shuri, also known as the Black Panther, is a character in the Marvel Comics Universe. Originally appearing as the younger sister of T'Challa, the character went on to adopt the Black Panther identity and star in the series of the same name. Abilities: Extensively trained martial artist (as Black Panther) Enhanced speed, strength, agility, endurance, and senses Vibranium uniform and equipment

From the files of Starfleet Command Headquarters