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Wolfsheim - Gambler, seedy, bootlegger. "Meyer Wolfshiem? No, he's a gambler." Gatsby hesitated, then added coolly: "He's the man who fixed the World's Series back in 1919."

Night Cafe (2012). Sally Storch (American, 1952-). Oil on canvas. Storch cites Edward Hopper and Thomas Hart Benton as great inspirations. She combines their style with that of the early Ash Can and Regionalist schools of New York to create passionate contemporary paintings that incite feelings of timelessness and romance.

Nighthawks, 1942 Ed Hopper. (in Edward Hopper's handwriting) the intended name of the work was actually "Night Hawks", perhaps named after the "Man night hawk (beak) in dark suit, steel grey hat", and was completed on 1-21-1942. Hopper's biographer, Gail Levin, speculates that Hopper may have been inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's Café at Night, which was showing at a gallery in New York in January 1942. The similarity in lighting and themes makes this possible.

Edwardian Bank Manager by Terry Pinnegar Photography