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Explora Software Janelas, Microsoft Windows e outros!

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Microsoft has officially confirmed that they are currently working on the Windows 10 Mobile 64-bit version alongside with the Redstone software update this year. So what do you think guys? Is 64-bit platform gonna be the next mobile software standard? Photo credit @microsoftuk #techindo #technology #news #microsoft #microsoftsurface #surface #surfacepro #lumia #lumia1020 #lumia950 #winfows #windows10 #surfacepro3 #leather #surfacepro4 by tech_indo on Instagram

Photography Tips for your 'Point and Shoot' cameras - read the comments left by people after the article, there are more tips there. Can't wait to try some of them.

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It's been an incredible week at The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing. This gathering of women technologists pays tribute to Admiral Grace Hopper. Sometimes called the Queen of Software Admiral Hopper designed FLOW-MATIC language in 1958 upon which COBOL was based. Prior to her work computers spoke only in binary. Her legacy is an inspiration and reminder to #DoGreatThings. #GHC15 by windows

Connect with nature and you will connect with yourself. ... Instagram travelquote

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How to get out of your head and live in the moment. Anxiety is something that I often deal with It's safe to say I'm not the only one. Also my mind is always going at 100mph. What do I do to deal with it all. The 54321 method is one of my favorite grounding techniques. Check it out. Like My Video? Subscribe for More Awesome Videos! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My…

My obsession with Instagram and what to do with all those Pictures

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5 Tried & True Tips For Winning At Instagram & Getting Tons Of Likes

When it comes to getting noticed on Instagram, there are basic rules to follow as would be the case with any social network - post regularly, interact with users, include an interesting description with your photos that will get other users attention. Beyond that, there are a few Instagram-specific ways to ensure that you can gain more followers, gain more likes, and pretty much win at Instagram.