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Details about African print maxi skirt

African print maxi skirt #Handmade #MaxiSkirt

Love her art! crownedroots: youngblackandvegan: blkqueenish: Natural hair x Black love glory Why do people not credit the artist? These are by keturahariel Thank you @crownedroots ❤

Fantastic: Africa | Woman's wrapper ~ adire ori kinium ~ from the Yoruba people of Nigeria | ca. 1970 | Cotton; stencil resist indigo dyed

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Boats linocut: Alison Deegan, shown on Weaverbird Workshop

Africa | Indigo dye resist cloth from Ibadan, Nigeria | Cotton; Almost squarepiece of muslin cloth sewn together to make one piece

Oya (also known as Yansa or Yansan) a powerful female warrior orisha, one of Shango’s wives, owner of the marketplace, and owner of the cemetery and the ruler of winds. She, along with Orunmila, are the only two orishas who defeated Ikú, the force of death. She stole Shango’s secret of fire and now throws lightning bolts just like him. She raises the dead and commands them as her armies. She carries a machete and screams as she rides into battle on the tornado.

Untitled wood figurine by Navajo medicine man & folk artist Charlie (Alfred) Willeto (1897-1964). via Native American Cultural Arts - Google...