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Eminem.. #1 really are the greatest rapper ever.

Eminem ||||| Slim Shady

She almost didn't notice the slouched figure sitting next to the front stairs. Leaning over the stone barrier, she almost had to squint to recognize him. When he gazed up at her with his confused hazel eyes she closed her eyes and sighed. "Come on, don't scare my neighbors."

Best Of The "Call Me Maybe" Meme

Slim Shady

Elysium: Matt Damon Part Originally for Eminem?

Elysium: Matt Damon Part Originally for Eminem?... Yes it was but he didn't want to film it in detroit

Eminem--- During childhood, Eminem was shuttled between Missouri and Michigan, rarely staying in one house for more than a year or two and mostly living with family members. In Missouri, they lived in various cities and towns, including Saint Joseph, Savannah, and Kansas City, before finally settling in Warren, Michigan when Eminem was eleven.