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Leonardo DiCaprio (left) portrays frontiersman Hugh Glass (right) in The Revenant movie. We compare The Revenant to the True Story of Hugh Glass:

I wish they were together for real. Not just in the book. I was always team Peeta, always have been always will be

Greek Drama Masks love to know. SJ Stratford

Eight years after Heath Ledger's death at age 28 from accidental prescription-drug intoxication, his father, Kim Ledger — who accepted a posthumous acting award for The Dark Knight on his son's behalf (one of only eight times ever) at the 2009 Academy Awards — reflects from his home in Western Australia: "Bittersweet is probably the best way I can describe that night," says Ledger, 66. "It was only a year and a month since his passing. We hadn't got our heads around the tragedy of losing…

The 28 Most Flawless Emma Watson Moments Of 2013

Her superb acting skills in This Is The End, which includes her sailor mouth and a hard hit to Seth Rogan’s face. | The 28 Most Flawless Emma Watson Moments Of 2013

The Master (2012)

(5/10) - Um veterano da marinha volta para os US, e sem familia e sem uma carreira, acaba se juntando com um ex-capitão, que agora é lider de um culto. Enquanto acompanha seu lider ele acaba envolvido em um processo de lavagem cerebral (-ritmo, +atuação)

Fascinatingly insightful. Loved it. Hit the nail right on the head. Woody Harrelson was awesome, and Julianne Moore, Phew!

Shakespeare in Love (1998)

Shakespeare in Love (1998) . I still love this movie!

THE REVENANT is an immersive and visceral cinematic experience capturing one man’s epic adventure of survival and the extraordinary power of the human spirit.