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Pendant - with mythological figures (triumph of Venus Marina?). Date: ca. 1600…

A ROMAN GOLD FINGER RING CIRCA 2ND CENTURY A.D. Solid cast with a wide flat hoop, ridged on the exterior, the ridges rising up in three flutes on the shoulders, the elongated oval bezel engraved with a lion walking to the left, a crescent moon and two stars above, the device encircled by a line border

Jaguar nose ring Colombia(Calima) Gold 13th century Height 19cm This quivering with the movements of the dance, seems to show a jaguar ready to spring at the viewer. The figure of the jaguar-man was associated with the shaman, the religious leader who could transform himself into a feline in order to balance the contradictory forces of the cosmos.

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Double trouble! Abalone double horn - Jacquie Aiche Latest

Sumerian jewellery from one of the famous 'Death Pits' in the Royal Cemetery of Ur, Iraq, c.2500 BC, gold and lapis lazuli, Sumerian, The Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology, University of Oxford, Oxford, Bridgeman Images/Alinari Archives

Anglo Saxon Jewels Discovered in the Barrows of Kent and Derbyshire, UK Published in Fairholt (1845) The archaeological album; or, Museum of national antiquities