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Earth tones have never looked so vibrant! Our stylist are ready to dress you tomorrow 11-6! #6785889401 #franklinandrosemary #suede #blanketscarf by franklinandrosemary

"What we like, we keep it. Who we love, we take good care of. To the rest, we show our tongues"

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Tooth be told, we love our patients. Dentaltown - Patient Education Ideas

ROBERT STADLER:objects made of Olimpo Striato, an amazing african marble. First I established several esthetic characteristics thus defining the family's "genetic codes". Then, these same features are applied to each piece by changing certain parameters.The resulting variations are not only constrained by the functionality of each object, such as stability etc, but they also determine their expression. Just like in a real family, one member turns out to be more allusive, the other more…

The grass isn't greener on the other side

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“Ehn! Ehn!” Lil Billy Blob is trying to trike uphill