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Dennys Ilic - “Shooting the most awesome Roger Cross [Dark Matter | Continuum | The Strain | Arrow]. Such and cool cat! Thanks for the great great snaps and grooming…”

Dennys Ilic and @dopudmike

Dennys Ilic - “Little going-away soirée for Director Michael Rymer in a wine bar near home that I never knew existed! Off to nice and warm Toronto for a few eps of…”

Dennys Ilic - "I’m a little “dark” on Nialll for taking so long to come and visit …. obviously As a “Matter” of fact I’m just kidding! Koffee and catching up with old friend and talented actor in WeHo is a good start to the day."

Dennys Ilic - “Just waiting for üBer with TJ after a wonderful birthday dinner for the awesome Sasha Roiz! @mrsasharoiz @tjscottpictures”

Dennys Ilic - @dark_mattertv airs tomorrow! Who's that hanging on my wall? One guess .... She also directs eps of #darkmattertv as well as being a gorgeous and talented actress ...

Night out with the awesome @keithandreen in Hollywood. Love this cat! pic.twitter.com/AEhsg8EWHV Via Denny Ilic Twitter

Dennys Ilic - Yep. Very cool cat this one! Shooting with @KarlUrban & @MelissaKWagner in my favorite neck of the woods. #StarTrek

Dennys Ilic - Chatting with the awesome @jsmnola at the @LeicaGalleryLA launch of my exhibition! So appreciative that u came man!

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