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Cushing's Triad vs Shock - Nursing Guide

One of those things that make you say, "uh-oh"

a reminder for the days when there's too much on your shoulders that there's amazing things waiting at the finish line. More

What Do Firefighters And Paramedics Make?

hufflenerd: “ ( 03.10.16, 34 days to finals ) making bullet journal spreads is time-consuming, but very cathartic. in the midst of applying for colleges, and procrastinating studying for finals, it’s comforting to know that at least my october spread...

When faced with a large number of people who are injured, it is best to sort them based on their priority. Anyone who can walk to you is called "walking wounded" and tagged as Minor. Others are tagged based on the condition that you find. Remember, "30-2-Can Do." Make your triage assessments rapid so that you can do the Greatest Good for the Greatest Number of People in the Shortest Amount of Time!

I may never make as much money as other precession a, but making someone breath is more important to me than making money

for when james gets out of Medic school...would have to add a fire aspect to it tho

Kielbasa in a Blanket

Kielbasa in a Blanket ❊

This could NOT be MORE TRUE!!!! Never make plans, EVER!! Right @Jessica Wagner, like the other night when that trip went to Johnson City lol