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And they both suck... (ok, Titanic isn't god awful, but I can only watch it once every 5 years, at most, without being bored as fuck. R&J is shit, tho)

Leonardo DiCaprio. "The taste of a cigarette under the silence of a starlit night"

No Oscar? I feel like Leonardo DiCaprio! #vintage #comics

Only on Sunday afternoon/evening do I feel this horrible.. I mean, aside from Monday morning.

dleoblack: “ Kylo Ren by dleoblack ” I feel like he’ll have a different mask in VIII, but his power will definitely increase! 634 Days until the Han Solo Movie 473 Days until Episode VIII and ONE HUNDRED NINE DAYS UNTIL ROGUE ONE!!!

Raphael smiling at his older brother; Leonardo. <<<< Oh, I feel a weird sexual tension going on. Is it just me ? Oh, ok.

I feel like if they ever did go on vacations, this would happen. XD

(Future) I see my future after working with a large film company and acquiring the knowledge needed. I plan on opening my own film company. I feel determined to accomplish my goals in the near future.(Photo credit by : Quality play (Improvisational potential ) Play personality (Director)