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Explora 1984 Wim, Texas 1984 e outros!

"Paris, Texas"(1984) --- Wim Wenders 我的第一部溫德斯電影。畫面、色調、人物的造型、角色的刻畫和故事內容都好喜歡。尤其是當男女主角在那個隔著看不見對方的鏡面玻璃的小房間裡,面對過去的那段對話更是令人覺得苦澀悲傷。 (亮點絕對不是我髮旋像禿了這件事啦)#paristexas #winwenders

Natassja Kinski in Paris, Texas - Wim Wenders

Wim Wenders, 1984

Paris, Texas

the back

“ "Sometimes your voice would wake me up. It would wake me up in the middle of the night just like you were there in the room with me. Then… it slowly faded. I couldn’t picture you anymore. I tried to...

paris, texas. i fell in love with this film as a teenager, mostly for its atmosphere and sound track (ry cooder), however, i watched it recently and found myself bowled over by it's depth and take on relationships - a true piece of art.