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That makes so much sense. Nobody can stand their raggedy ass, so they hate knowing the person who replaced them is more loved and respected.

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CHICAGO IL USA (August 17 2015)Bapu Surat Singhs son-in-law and Bibi Sarvarinder Kaurs husband Satwinder Singh Bhola was murdered at 11:45 PM by unknown assailants under mysterious circumstances. This is believed to be an act of Indian agencies to force Bapu Surat Singh give up his peaceful hunger strike. Punjab administration had previously made several attempts to force Bapu Surat Singh into submission. Indian agencies previously have carried out Kanishka Air India blast murder of known…

Oh my, the things I've learned, lol!

REMIX! #straightoutta with image from @22gstudios #khalistan

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Bapu Surat Singh Repost of a beautiful drawing that speaks a thousand words by Jag Lall (@jaglallart) as he displays his "thoughts and feelings" on the world leaders who have turned their backs to 82 year old Bapu Surat Singh who has been on hunger strike for months in hopes that Sikh political prisoners illegally detained be released. #sikh #artist #ink #drawing #political #freesikhpoliticalprisoners #art #creative #expression @jaglallart @sikhexpo

Guru Har Rai Ji (Seventh Sikh Guru) | Inkquisitive Illustration