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Stacks on Baked potatoes, chickpeas, #raw olive walnut 'mince', salsa and avocado #vegan

We've been on the road a lot this summer (LOVE road trips!) and just got home from three incredible weeks in my favorite place on earth ...

Baked #oilfree paprika potatoes, kale, tomato, cucumber and a #raw spinach/tofu scramble w/ lime and tamari sauce #vegan Don't forget to check out link in bio + enter shoutout comp as I'm choosing more winners tonight

#RAW #VEGAN TACOS Cos lettuce shells w/ sun-dried tomato tofu mince, sun-dried tomato mushroom nut-mince, salsa, avocado and lime Had 8 of these in total for dinner! Uploading my new vid in the morning

Aquafaba Chocolate mousse - 3 ingredients, vegan and glutenfree

Never too many carbs Brown rice, kale, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, avocado, #oilfree baked paprika & rosemary white potato + sweet potato chips, homemade oil-free hummus and tamari sauce Filmed how i make these chips and will post vid up tomorrow. #vegan #carbaholic Off to the dentist now to get fillings...SO SCARED AH

Raw Acocado Kale Pesto

PEANUT BUTTER BUCKWHEAT PANCAKES w/ nanas, macadamias, coconut & a creamy choc-pb sauce #vegan

The Garden Grazer - recipes on this blog look pretty good

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