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Encante-se com as fotos de Lorenzo Montezemolo! Fotógrafo especialista em…

Don't trust your eyes in this forest. Left is right and right is left. Up and down are the other way around. And the creatures you see are monsters in reality.

Preto,Branco & Red : Foto

Monkey Puzzle Tree (Araucaria araucana)

M U N D I : Foto

Once upon a time, across the water, in a far off land ... Middlegreen, England | by Kevin Day on Flickr / Getty Images

Mist.... it's not raining but we do have a cold damp mist coming down enough to start getting everything wet.

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39 Lugares De Tirar O Fôlego Para Você Visitar Antes De Morrer. O #34 Acabou De Virar Meu Sonho!

Spirits, of living and past, leave their ground and sail on the wind, unfolding a language long lost in translation by most. When we stand in silence in poise within it's breath, is when we accept them to pass through us, cleansing us, settling our restless questions unanswered and leaving us with wisdomed peace. We can transcend past present and have a fleeting peep hole to our future if we just stand, hold our questions to heart, and listen with still awaiting for their answers.

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