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Explora Cavalo Pequeno, Cavalo Cavalo e outros!

Minuto Jaquet Droz Alívio Alívio Cavalo Cavalo Pequeno Heuer, Jaquet Droz J005033201

Which G1 pony was ___ based off of

My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic. that's all I need to say

Matte Black / Tan Leather

The Horse watch, nice and simple, a little big though. Love the name.

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(Gay Rp? Comment then add. His name is gale and he has a small harm a hour away from town and he's kind but shy)-I watch my horse as it runs around the paddock. I walk in and pat his mane- my beautiful boy, wanna go into town? Hm?-he head butts me to the gates and I laugh. I swing my leg up onto his back and ride him out. I race him down the road heading to town before slowly as we get closer. I trot him over to the small little shop-(credit to nae nae)

The world’s craziest basketball court is in Munich

Jackson convo: Push Rampage's buttons, get punched in the nuts. He seemed a little melancholy on Wednesday when we grabbed him for a conversation. Turns out he wasn't sad, just grumpy and hungry, so we tried to bring the laughs and instead got an unwelcome love punch. If you watched the Dana White UFC 95 video blog, Jackson and his boys were horsing around and kept doing something to each other's junk. Watch Rampage show Cage Writer the difference between grabbing & punching (1:07 mark):

Road to El Dorado! - Top: "I am Migel." Middle: "And I am Tulio." Bottom: "They call us Migel and Tulio!!" (notice the horse's face, it's because when Migel slid off of the horse named Atibo, his foot got caught in the reign, pulling down on the bit - it is a little hard to see Migel's foot caught in the reign because of where the picture is cut off and where they put the words.) By Dreamworks

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"If you can name this movie, we can be friends"