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Ijó: a dança dos filhos da serpente on Behance by Karmaleão. #Ewá. #Yewa, #Oxumarê , #Osumare , #Orisha, #Orixá, #Axé, #Umbanda, #Candomblé

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An Orisha Oshun Herbal

The Orisha of Love, Beauty, Money and Gold is called Oshun. She is honored with a variety of herbs and flowers.

nice Stunning Driftwood Sculptures By Debra Bernier Tell The Forgotten Stories Of The Ocean

Coiffe d'Oyá, Orixa du vent et de l'eau qui courent dans le candomblé au Brésil

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Sensuous and Sacred: Oshun’s Feast Table How To

September 8th is the feast for Oshun in the religion of Santeria. Oshun is the…

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Oshun, goddess/orisha of sweet waters, beauty, love, artistry, and prosperity.

Yoruba African Orishas; Mythology: Ozain, African god of the forest, nature healer, guardian of herbs

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These African Deities Are The Best Gods You've Never Heard Of

<b>Move over Odin, Ra, and Zeus, there's a <strike>new</strike> really old pantheon in town.</b> Using photo-manipulation, artist <a href="" target="_blank">James C. Lewis</a> makes us wonder why the Orishas don't have <i>their</i> own comic book series.