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Branding - Japanese Cocktail bottle on Behance, simple, effective design that clearly reflects the fruit that is contained within the beverage, with white and neutral colours emphasising the purity and healthy aspect of the drink.

Fit20 Studio: Branding and packaging on Behance, fitness and health beverage, use of fruit to literally evoke a sense of healthiness. Neutral colour palette, with green to represent the natural and organic aspect of the beverage.

Branding - Japanese Cocktail bottle on Behance

Raw on Behance, the clear bottles allow the natural colour of the bottles to shine through and create this sense of vibrancy and healthiness, whilst the typo is simple and playful creating a youthfulness

design cool package

Bioway - Organic Juice on Behance, I like the way that the fruit has been carved to reveal drink inside the bottle which matches the colour of the fruit itself, very smart design of bottle.

Theo Chocolate Packaging Design on Behance, design for different flavours of chocolate, Like how the imagery of the fruits and leaves is displayed to create an organic feel.

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PICANTE CHILLI SAUCE by Sonia Dearling, via Behance

lovely-package-true-organic-juice-1, I like the screenprinted style of the typeface, with the neat green band and illustration wrapping round the bottle, giving the sense of organic and good health. The beautiful, bold colours of the beverages are allowed to shine through the clear plastic.