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Eros, significa desejo incoercível dos sentidos. É o Deus do Amor, o mais belo entre os deuses. É um Deus de natureza mutável, que tira os sentidos e o juízo tanto dos mortais quanto dos imortais - Por Hellen Reis Mourão

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Hipocampus - Greek mythology: a horse with the back half of a fish. They had a fin as a mane plus fins elsewhere on their body. They had green scales all over. They were ridden by water nymphs and water gods.

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Hermes Greek messenger God of speed, travelers, messengers, commerce, sports, liars, & thieves.

The Norns (Old Norse: norn, plural: nornir) in Norse mythology are female beings who rule the destiny of gods and men, a kind of dísir comparable to the Fates in Greek mythology. the three most important norns, Urðr (Wyrd), Verðandi and Skuld come out from a hall standing at the Well of Urðr (well of fate) and they draw water from the well .These norns are described as three powerful maidens whose arrival ended the golden age of the gods.

In Norse mythology, Odin carries around the severed head of Mímir, which foretells the future. In order to drink from the Well of Wisdom - to gain the knowledge of the past, present and future, Odin had to sacrifice one of his eyes. By sacrificing one eye (external sight), he won wisdom (internal sight; insight), and become a consulted oracle. Today Odin's eye sits at the bottom of the Well of Wisdom as a sign that the father of the gods paid the price for wisdom.

Radegast, a god  of Slavic mythology and is said to be associated with fertility, agriculture, war, and the evening sky. He resides in the mountains and also is usually associated with hospitality and fire.

Anubis - The Egyptian God Anubis, God of cemeteries and embalming; Funerary God, takes form a jackal; guards & protects the dead; Ruled the underworld prior to Osiris; holds the scales the measure the heart against the feather upon death.

Val, o Dragão Branco. Popularmente conhecido por Fúria dos Céus, dizem que essa raça de dragões surgiu após o Deus do Raio se revolta contra o homem, depois que um grupo de mercenários ter raptado e aprisionado a deusa dos ventos, que era irmã do Deus do Raio.

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Nemain - (Nemhain) : Celtic Goddess of Panic and War, and one of the battle furies. It was said with a single battle cry she could kill 100 men.She may be an aspect of the Morrígan.