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The higher realms of Unicorns, Fairies, Angels & Elves are real, live, breathing ascended worlds of pure Paradise... trust & believe deeply in these realms of pure Paradise, for they live & breathe deeply within you and are who you truly are. You are the pure magic & beauty of Heaven on Earth... ♥♥

fairy vampire pictures | Monstersgame - BR - World 1

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"The Journey" dark unicorn blank card

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Rock Cloud, quick stallion who loves to goof off and act silly. He is a great flier, just he usually acts dumb. (Taken by @Sunspirit )

Boris Vallejo - Legends of Fantasy Art vol.3

Boris Vallejo - Broken Wing (SAC) (Dark Angel) & More Boris & Julie @ & &

Submissions Call - Silver Slippers - Minimum Word Count: 15K - Silver Slippers are fantasies spun from the fairy tales we heard at our parents' knee. Elves, goblins, Princes, Princesses, evil Kings and Queens, giants, gnomes, Fairy Godmothers…Have your own spin on one of the Fairy Tale Classics? We're looking for tales that make you laugh, make you sigh, and best of all, make you hot!