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Na Janelinha para ver tudo: Todo o esplendor da Piazza San Pietro

Top Tips for Saving while Seeing the Sites of Italy

Italy is full of amazing sites like the Castel Sant'Angelo, but seeing them can be expensive. Check out the walks of Italy guide to saving money while you travel in Italy for all the best hints and tricks for how to make your euros stretch further on your visit.

2008: Rome, Italy. The Colosseum. The crazy thing about Rome is that it's all in the middle of the city, you can hardly turn a corner without seeing some sort of ruin or iconic landmark.

101 Most Beautiful Places To Visit Before You Die! (Part III)

Piazza di Spagna, Rome, Italy.

Uncovering Rome’s Best Hidden Secrets

A guide of all the best places to see and to eat when visiting Rome in Italy!

I feel like Romano would do this to Spain and he'd act all mad telling Spain to fix things cuz they're crooked even though they're all fine and Spain keeps trying to fix everything until he catches Roma staring and then starts purposely pushing his ass out towards him

What to See and Do in Rome: A Brief Guide

St. Peter's Basilica - Vatican | Incredible Pictures

Walking Tours in Rome, Italy

The eternal city of Rome has seen the rise and fall of many civilizations. Christian Saints, historic figures of the past and present have walked the Roman streets. Historic locations, great pieces of architecture and places of interest are practically on every corner. There are cities and there is Rome. And Rome has it all.

I don't think he's behind him for protection so much as he is saying "TAKE HIM FIRST" but I guess that ultimately protects him so yeh