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Espada de Carlomagno - Charlemagne's sword (Louvre) #Historia (museum reproduction, obviously)

Joyeuse, the sword of Charlemagne. Coronation sword of the French kings. It is believed it contains the Lance of Longinus within its pommel. 11th. c.

Boadicea was queen of the British Iceni tribe who led an uprising against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire.

Turkish Saber, 19th century

Sword of the Holy Roman Emperor Maximillian I,

General Ulysses S. Grant’s Civil War Presentation Sword as General in Chief of the United States Army, 1864.

"Lost for 1,600 years, the royal quarters of Cleopatra were discovered off the shores of Alexandria. A team of marine archaeologists, led by Frenchman, Franck Goddio, began excavating the ancient city in 1998. Historians believe the site was submerged by earthquakes and tidal waves, yet, astonishingly, several artifacts remained largely intact. Amongst the discoveries were the foundations of the palace, shipwrecks, red granite columns, and statues of the goddess Isis and a sphinx."

Medieval Sword From The Mamluk Arsenal At Alexandria (1) [ ] #Famous #medieval #swords

Medieval Sword From The Mamluk Arsenal At Alexandria (1) [ ] #Famous #medieval #swords

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