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YouAndMe (Eu e Você): Como não Amar: ABBA parte 2

Apple + Coconut Milk Baby Food Puree

Apple + Coconut Milk — Baby FoodE | organic baby food recipes to inspire adventurous eating

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Words are powerful. As women, as the nurturers of society, we have to remember this. A kind word can change everything... so can choosing not to speak at all. I've never been a fan of New Year's resolutions, but I am in favor of looking ahead. I'm a fan of gratitude both for the days behinds us and those to come. So, while I won't "resolve" to make any major changes in 2016. I certainly aspire, always, to do better, be better and ,of course, write better!

20 Inspirational Quotes About Change To Get You Out Of Your Slump

My wish 4 u. U r my world and I hope u will be someone world as well! You my personal gift from God❤️

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"I will scream it till my face is blue; there is a point to all of this and it's always been you" - Being As An Ocean

I never want to let you go.. I could be in your arms forever and ever. It's the greatest, warmest, safest place to me... I've never been as comfortable with anyone else as I am with you... it's like we knew each other in another life and our souls found one another again, and that's why you feel so familiar to me. Like I've known you my whole life..

I am a great believer in the "play mat". I think it creates a special space and place for the stirring of the imagination and ones own creative ideas. It also is an opportunity to work with wool and felt, which I love just as much as wood.

Pirates and Mermaids Party Invitation, Mermaid Pirate Birthday Invitation, Mermaids Invitation, Pirate Invitation, Joint Birthday Party

Pirates and Mermaids Party Invitation Mermaid by BloomberryDesigns

Suzuya Juuzo ||| Tokyo Ghoul Dog AU Fan Art by poochiena on Tumblr

Knowing how much your products cost you to make and how to price them in a way that will make you money is as important to a successful food business as having good recipes. And yet it's the piece...