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29 Bullet Journal Layouts For Anyone Trying To Be Healthy

This habit tracker that lets you keep it all in one place: | 29 Bullet Journal Layouts For Anyone Trying To Be Healthy

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How 5 Seconds Will Make You Feel Like a Better Mom

Good parenting is in the smaller moments of our day. Here are some great tips…

Last school year, I made drastic changes in my classroom management system. Due to a schoolwide initiative, my behavior “clip chart” system ended, and in turn, school rules were replaced with a language that promoted growth mindset. I was determined to epitomize this with my students and end hearing

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CNN Student News Current Event Analysis Common Core Worksheets

My students are hooked on CNN Student News! It is a great, free online resource that is perfect to get students thinking about current events with a Common Core lens. This activity set has TEN templates to choose from and is aligned with Common Core Literacy and Writing standards for ELA, history and science (NGSS).There are varying templates for teachers to implement depending on style and class ability level.


Infographic: Which Human Foods Are OK for Dogs, and Which Aren't

How many times have you asked yourself, "Is it okay for my dog to eat that?" We all know the truly deadly things, such as Xylitol, chocolate, and grapes. But there are many other foods that. . .Read More  »

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Reading Responses – Non-Fiction

Reading Responses - Non-Fiction- this is perfect for my news opener: read article, pic one, stickies/lit spirals/write on back of printed article

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Battles of World War II Radio Show Project

This cooperative learning project for World War II has students read about 7 key battles and create engaging radio news segments just like Americans would have heard in the 1940's! Everything you need to complete this fun, creative lesson is included! My students have made some incredibly entertaining reports over the years, complete with sound effects and fantastic old-time accents! Can be presented in class or recorded and turned into podcasts or MP3s based on your technology resources.

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ORWELL brainwashing TV people media Men's T SHIRT 8 colours 6 sizes

Some people just watch too much brain washing people on tv...

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6 Guarantees of God's Goodness in Your Life

Having trouble really trusting God? Here are some scriptures and words of truth…