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Legendary Creatures ~ Vampires


LAMIA Once a beautiful queen and a mistress of Zeus, her children slaughtered by Hera, her body transformed into a devouring monster//the loss compels her to steal and consume others’ children out of envy, eventually turning into a monster herself. A serpent below the waist, incapable of closing her eyes, forced to obsess over the image of her dead children. Zeus, taking pity on her, gave Lamia the ability to remove her eyes, allowing her to rest and escape from her grief, however briefly.

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In this photo, orbs have been caught in a torsion vortex. Miceal Ledwith, co-author of The Orb Project, has several photos of this phenomenon in his book. If orbs can be a manifestation of our soul/consciousness energy, could we be looking at the "tunnel" that is mentioned in near-death experiences? Might this be the gateway to "Heaven" or other dimensions? Could these vortices be the doorways used by E.T.'s that allows them to appear and disappear instantly? Food for thought.. .

Silent by worteinbildern

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Top 5 Creepiest Paranormal Games

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