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SEMPRE ROMÂNTICA!!: Sorteio #SempreRomântica9Anos - Editora Arqueiro

No matter how many times it is sent away...

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Hey you know how you always stare into my eyes?... mmhmmm. Holy. Fucking. Shit. SOOOOOOO HOT!!!! Major turn on.

SEMPRE ROMÂNTICA!!: Sorteio #SempreRomântica9Anos - Editora Coerência

Real talk.. all the other quotes I see are roses and love but this shit is real. Real life isn't rainbow's and happy sayings, prince or princess. Sometimes it's as simple as a stolen glance and eyes that linger just a little too long.

Wondering where it is. I can sit there for hours, days, weeks~~

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101 Things you need to know about MCR’s ‘Conventional Weapons’

Gerard and Mikey Way. You can find out which is which.

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31 Expensive Things You'll Need When You're A Millionaire

Glamorous bathtub + view