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I'm writing a comic in which a lot of my characters use 'white magic's. What if they were causing the trouble all along? I would basically force the readers to learn to love characters and then reveal their true evil and make them wonder how they could love something so diabolically bad.

A house filled with doors.


Something magic.

"How else would you describe your robotic "sperm" and my egg able to be cross-fertile?" sassed Valerie. Ratchet opened his mouth plates to answer before realizing that their species should not be possibly "cross-fertile" yet there she was heavy with his hybrid sparking...Maybe it is magic...

Prompt -- you have the ability to freeze time. when you do, everyone freezes as well. one day, you freeze time, and out the window, you see a girl moving around

Two perspective story girl goes to well each day and receves something she NEEDS. Other perspective from person underwell giving everything the girl needs but doesnt know she needs

Writing Prompt #16

Writing Prompt #16 |

I could feel him staring at me as I poured my tea. "What?" I enquired "What're you staring at?" His eyes flicked between me and the tea pot.

Melanokinesis: the ability to manipulate ink // Fulgurkinesis: the ability to manipulate and create lightning bolts

Endless Journey by Really lovely, especially if you go to the site and view at full size.